Welcom to Santas for Christ, a non-profit organization devoted to sharing the love of God showed to the world at Christmas--throughout the year.

Why throughout the year?  Well. don't you find it curious that Christmas is the one celebration no on can find historical evidence to place a real date on?  We believe the reason is simple:  Got wants us to have the hope and joy of our Saviour's birth in our lives daily--not just once a year!

If you are a parent, you will find resources here to help you share the real "Reason for the Season" with your children.  If you are a church leader, there are also resources to share a unique message in your church.

Finally, we hope you will take a moment to discover what S4C is all really about, and determine if our mission for you and your community is one you wish to get involved in.

A Note From Santa's Chair

By deign, Santas for Christ (SOC) is NOT about large organizations or the "One size fits all" structures. Our hope is that, as an individual, you may vind tools and information here that will benefit you in how you share the traditions of Christmas at home, or how you present some themes in Sunday School or church.

We ask you to look beyond the Christmas season as well, and consider the mission field both within the church body and without, and that you my find S4C is a good fit for some of the needs in your church and your community. Please let us know if there are any suggestions you may have for the website, or for the mission as well ( including how you may be involved). We'd love to hear from you!

In His Service,
Mister "C," Chairman